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OM UTUBA gallery is founded by Jean Louis Guerard a French Humanitarian whose love for nature, contemporary art and culture guided him to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Having travelled across the globe and seen different kinds of art, Jean Louis wanted to discover the creativity in Uganda too.

With the desire to provide space and market for the art, he thought of creating a gallery in Kampala which is OM UTUBA Gallery.

Omutuba(Ficus natalensis) is a tree from which people from Buganda Kingdom in Uganda make a special material for clothes since time memorial.
This kind of work symbolises the relationship and connection between humans and nature..
After observation, many people cant find the contemporary art in Uganda. The hustle many artists go through just to create, market and promote their work is difficult, same goes for the audience that finds it hard to locate contemporary art in Uganda. We believe Art is needed to get a different view of the world.

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For any artist out there willing to exhibit, sell or work with Omutuba gallery, kindly get to us through this email address..... It is upon our team to respond to you in case your art stands out and is as creative as we all expect. Kindly send your set samples to the above address and we guarantee a response as prompt as possible in regards to the Coaction.

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14 Lower Kololo Terrace Rd, Kampala
+256 77 762 3459